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the application of plastic film blowing machine

The blowers produce membranes, which are widely used and used in many fields depending on the material and characteristics. Suitable for all kinds of high-end film packaging, plastic bag film, protective film and so on. This kind of membrane can be widely used in heavy packing because of its good barrier, preservation, humidity, Frost, oxygen insulation and oil resistance. Such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies and so on.

The scope of application of the film blower is mainly based on the difference in its materials. For example, the film produced by the PP film blower is suitable for bags where the hardness of various supermarket shopping bags, fungus bags, etc. is relatively large and the tensile degree and brightness are not required., The film blown out of the high-pressure PE is suitable for a variety of preservation bags, and the recycled film is suitable for various garbage bags, etc.. The blower is widely used in various industries.